Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

A World-class Innovation Hub


In 2019, Tianfu New Area, Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University and New Energy Nexus co-launched Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (EIIEC) in Chengdu with the support of California Energy Commission and National Energy Administration of China. EIIEC is working on several initiatives aimed at supporting the energy-climate innovation ecosystem and facilitating “China In, China Out” strategy.

EXCEL ACCELERATOR is a growth-stage accelerator focused on the clean energy transition and climate change mitigation in China.

Leveraging support from local government, academia and industry connections, EXCEL ACCELERATOR provides growth-stage startups with technology/product expertise, pilot opportunities, market expansion.

Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit

Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (EIIES) in Chengdu, Sichuan, China highlights leaders that are driving the energy transition. Technology corporations, startups, accelerators, and government who are taking significant strides in investing and deploying clean energy solutions participated in the two-day summit to share insight on the industry, strategies for success and establish new partnerships.

Tsinghua University Leadership Program of the Energy Internet Industry

Tsinghua School of Economy and Management, Tsinghua School of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua Energy Internet Research Institute (EIRI) jointly created this executive training program which focuses on the frontier of energy technology, shares energy interconnection platform and explores opportunities for energy companies.

The Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (EIIEC) is an organization with entrepreneurship spirit. Through its own connections, technology insights and industrial innovative programs, it achieves the goal of tackling climate change and carbon neutrality.
Dr. Yongping Zhai
Chief Energy Officer, Asian Development Bank

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